Thursday, August 23, 2007

rainy day~

it is thursday..a rainy day..i got bored while all of my friends going out to their office and my housemate's lil' cousin are in a very good mood to finish her homework..

This is my first post since i create this blog just now.i think blogging might be my new hobby after i stop working at pkns.i have a lot of free time by now.(i would be busy if i started my project seriously,but i am too lazy to finish it.. )and my boy become nerdy in his final year(yea..i'm in final year too..)most of the time,he might go to library- searching the thesis and journals about the project he use to do.

isk.lets stop thinking about the project and i have a good story to share..

semalam(24/8) me n j'an going to tengok fireworks@putrajaya. The scenery was very beautiful.actually it was the 3rd time i went to Mifc tuh.The 1st time(iaitu malam perasmian..and the presentation from team malaysia..)kitorg stuck in a traffic jam,so we really can't see the firework.The 2nd night we all merempit and it was only 5 minutes presentation from global team..whatever it is..i feel like a payback..agak puas kerana dapat jugak tengok eventhough it was very short presentation only.last night memang we all puas hati sangat because of the fireworks is drop dead gorgeous!ahahah.i like the colours..lotsa purple,green,blue and baby blue terbentang di angkasa putrajaya tuh..FYI..there are only 6 common colours in fireworks iaitu..

* White

* Yellow

* Red

* Green

* Blue

* Orange/amber

Deep blue and purple are the most difficult fireworks colours to create because they have a very narrow band on the colour spectrum, requiring the chemical reaction to be absolutely perfect. In fact, the creation of a deep blue flame remains one of the great unsolved challenges to pyrotechnicians(competitors tuh la). However, blue and green are considered the most dangerous colours to produce.huu.susah aite to make the fireworks looks beautiful and of coz..colourful..