Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cheat and betray~

what if...

my closest cheating on me??

--should i cry?should i beware about her next agenda??

huu..this cheat n betray thingy had been a serious problems recently..
i donno y i shud believe what others said, ask my friend directly wasnt me at rather kept it,or forgive it..or just lean on taufieq's shoulder n cry on..??


last day--my boyfriend fell sick..he claim that nasik lemak he ate at ameerali was the main reason he became like that.vomitting but still fasting..fuhh.tough day for him actually.

today--my agenda is to finish my 2nd documentation of my thesis,but,i dont have any courage to do it..since i really miss my hometown,my family..+ raya feel like not raya at all..
with the thesis,the project,the assignments n of coz my 1st fnl paper start on 23rd Oct..damn!

see..days in ukm become tougher than what i can imagine..huu

i didnt post any blog this few weeks after my very 1st blog..what can i do..ive been busy watching korean drama at