Tuesday, March 31, 2009


on 29/3 my parents come from terengganu
pick them at airport
bring them to ampang

30/3 send my parent to airport again;they're doing umrah
saw them leaved me with tears in my eyes

31/3 i wasnt stable at all~
i really miss them so much!
and the saddest part is i cannot stand to hear my lil' sister keep crying because she miss them too.

adik..i'm going home this weekend..i miss u n kak mira

today: taufieq asking me to breakfast with him
i think because dia rase guilty sebab let me crying alone last nite.
huhh.i know u care but u r "that" kind of guy..urgh.nevermind.i just love u the way u r dear..

owh..last nite i received a text msg from my dad saying that he able to kiss hajarul aswad.he sound bersyukur yang amat because sebelum ni he just touched it..maybe this is the reason why..

الحجر الأسود al-Hajar-ul-Aswad

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